About RSS Feed Actuality Server

The RSS Feed Actuality Server (RFAS) has the purpose of sharing the information about RSS & Atom feeds that have changed recently with the whole community using the RSS Reader. By sharing this information, the typical load produced by rss readers on the publishers website can be reduced dramatically. Also, the bandwith used by rss readers is dramatically reduced as the readers dont need to re-download unchanged rss feeds just for the purpose of checking if those feeds have been changed. Instead, readers will ask the RFAS for this information by means of simple http requests. The RFAS answers with very short XML structures which tell the RSS Reader if the feed has been changed or not. Readers may also ask for changes of a complete blogroll at once, which again saves much bandwith as only one request has to be made to RFAS.

Advantages for the end user of RSS Readers:

- Traffic produced by the rss reader is dramatically reduced
- Readers provide a much higher actuality (10 minutes poll time) compared to Readers that poll the Feeds (e.g. 60 minutes poll time).
Benefits for Companies

When users in companies start using rss, Administrators will soon find that the traffic produced by the traditional rss polling scheme is increasing the internet traffic to a point that is disturbing other services. Companies can solve that problem with RFAS in combination with any RFAS Compatible Readers like the Qlikworld RSS Reader.
The RFAS Server can be installed in the companies site to centrally control subscriptions and feed poll time. And of cause most important, it reduces the traffic dramatically, saving bandwith for other purposes.
As RFAS Servers can be cascaded too, so local RFAS servers will poll the main RFAS Server or our Internet based Central RFAS server. By this, local RFAS Servers benefits from the higher intelligence about changed feeds of the central RFAS Server.

The RFAS Server runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and has no furter software requirements. Its Services can be clustered and mirrored to scale to any needs and to provide high availability.

download api code Download API Code
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This API will be put up publicly soon. and will allow other RSS Reader manufacturers to use our API too.


For Sales Inquiries please contact +49 40 808168-10 or send a mail to info@qlikworld.com

RSS Reader Manufacturers are welcome to contact us at info@qlikworld.com for implementation details to implement the support of RFAS into their Readers